Company Info

Ammo Importers has created a unique partnership with Arsenal-Bulgaria to be their importer and distributor for ammunition into the United States civilian/sporting markets. Arsenal–Bulgaria has a premier reputation for their rifles and has the same superior quality with their ammunition. Ammo Importers and Arsenal–Bulgaria have taken the last 3-years to develop a quality line of products designed specifically for the US civilian market with a focus on high quality brass ammunition and ammunition components.

Founded in 1878, Arsenal-Bulgaria has a fully integrated factory. They produce all of their products from base raw materials allowing for total control over the manufacturing process. In keeping with a strict focus on quality, Ammo Importers has a dedicated team of technical personnel on the ground in Bulgaria working alongside Arsenal-Bulgaria staff to ensure that every shipments is of superior quality.

Ammo Importers continues to expand our range of ammunition, as we do so we will continue to follow these high standards. This allows us to offer a quality product at a competitive price with a stable supply.

We look forward to having you as our long term customer.

Best Regards,

The Ammo Importers Team